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Analysis of a Successful Blog

Analysis of a Successful Blog 

Recently I have been searching for some all around good blogs in my field of work. After looking around and using Technorati to find some of the top blogs, I stumbled upon Slash Gear.

There is a lot of things that I love about this blog. It is focused primarily on tech consumers, giving the latest updates on new gadgets from phones, web browsers, and operating systems. What I see from this blog is that there are at least 10 - 15 blog posts per day from multiple bloggers.They cover almost every topic that pertains to technology and gadgets including, but not limited to phone reviews, OS reviews, browser reviews, interviews with tech moguls, social networking, and even car reviews.

The design of the blog is simplistic in some parts, but very advanced in others. For example, there is a trending tab, which brings you to the most viewed or talked about blog posts of the day. Right above that, there is also a "slide show" with pictures of the related topic of a blog post, which link you directly to said blog. Navigation is very easy, and a search function allows you to find blogs that you find most interesting.

 As far as the posts are concerned, there is usually just the first paragraph of the blog accompanied by a picture to get you interested. If you want to read the full post, you have to click an additional button to read it all, which I think is great because you don't have to scroll through long posts that you're not interested in reading. Social media buttons are incorporated to quickly like or share posts. Also the page is very clean looking with few ads that are relevant - they are tech gadget advertisements.

A lot of their posts gain a ton of feedback via comments - sometimes they're good comments, sometimes bad (debating the post at hand), but either way, they get people talking, and that makes for a blog that is read more often. There are a lot of things SlashGear brings to the table and I have been hooked on reading posts all morning because they cover everything tech related. The fact that they only show a part of the blog(gets my attention and makes me want to know more) makes me want to jump right in to read the full post. I will definitely be reading up more posts from them and use some techniques they have implemented in creating a successful blog.


  by Jake

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