Rabu, 21 November 2012

Best Laptop in India   

The passing year does not witnessed a very good monsoon season but in termsd of laptops, it surely has. India has now become one of very prominent market for the computer companies in all these years.

So now they all are busy in launching their best laptop in India. When a consumer goes hunting for a laptop, people have a basic idea of what they would want in their laptop. But due to so much of options people often get carried away and get intimidated by the choices available. And this happy chaos is created by a good number of best laptops in India.

 After a slump in the market, finally we can see some good signs. With the latest set of hardwares available for the manufacturers, brands are rolling up their sleeves and have started producing laptops built with ultra modern features. As per now we can see Intel officially launching its Ivy Bridge architecture back in April. It has also launched its first laptops built with the new Core i chips thus bringing improved performance and battery life in their latest laptops.

This year we have seen change in the market. Companies are focusing on devices with fast SSD storage, slim bodies, long battery life, coupled with a price that won't burn a hole in our pocket. All these theories are build around Ultrabooks, a concept devised by Intel.

Companies are expecting it to be driving the PC market growth in the short term. And as a result, we can see some fruitful results. Apple rules this sleek section but companies like Dell merging as their close competitors. Dell laptops for very long have ruled the laptop market for the masses. In order to keep up the reputation, we can now find Dell laptops new shape, size and looks. In the case of ultrabook, it has brought some very good Dell laptops with slim chassis.

One of them is XPS 13 ultrabook. Regarded as one of the best ultrabook, this is surely on its way to become best laptop in India. It is just 0.71 inches thick and 0.24 inches thin. It is made up of a body which is a mix of magnesium alloy and aluminum along the lid, giving it a cool royal touch. The keyboard deck is made up of fiber base thats give a smooth touch. It comes with a gesture enabled glass touch pad and comfortable backlit keyboard for uninterrupted work even in low light. At just 1.36 kg in weight, its also one of the lightest. This sleek and stylish device is powered by Intel Core i7 processor.

It comes assembled with a core group of 265 GB hard drive and 4 GB memory making this laptop superfast and technically advanced. The others features complimenting it are 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, one USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port each, as well as a mini DisplayPort. The only sad part is that it's without HDMI, Ethernet, or a memory-card reader.

by Robert Blume



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