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Hot Hair Style Trends 

      So if 2012 was actually a time for modern hairstyles, subsequently 2013 promises to be quite possibly trendier. 2012 had been the age of the truly great re-invention, when classic styles have been re-spun with greater creativeness. The basic designs were seemingly from the late 60s and the 70s. Many might even see that the motivation behind the styles lay snugly at the doors of the good ol'days

       However, every brand-new style had that little something- a tantalizing pizazz that offered the classic style an entirely fresh and spectacular appeal. Styles within the fashion industry seem to be a little time in getting a universal sweep. From the moment of its creation, a specific style can take a few years to achieve approval and a few years still to frizzle out. 

      The trendy 80s: The 70's have worn out themselves with the entire "Hippie/disco" look ultimately petering out. Then, it was time to rock and roll along with the decade of decadence, as the 80s are usually called. Straight was out and crimps become in. A lot more movement, short layering styles and tousled, wind-blown look. Pig-tails are really a certain "no-no". Keep a sharpened eye for vibrant colored sweatshirts, tapering blue jeans and spiky stilettos. Junky jewelry was another 80s passion. <p>The Beatles born-again: Your mod hairstyle of the 50s and 60s came back in a huge way. The following latest version can be shorter, with more layering in the interior, and fringy bangs that nearly touch the eyelashes. An ultra short hairstyle along with angular cuts will likely be a trend in 2012. Colors and highlights provide additional depth to the hair, and show the more lively and fresh attitude of the times.

      Asymmetric cuts: Extreme angles and blunt edges provide this hairstyle a sculptured appearance. The unpredicted blunt edges make this an extremely extreme and edgy trend. There isn't much blending in addition to smooth transition here. An asymmetric cut where one side is longer than or the back is dramatically shorter with the length at the front made 2012 an exciting time for anyone who don't mind a different innovative look. The angle of which the hair is cut can be quite extreme with a drastic angle. Those who have very short hair can make this style their personal look. Fun patterns carved within the side of the head have made this style a real showstopper.

      The Mohawk style: One more versatile style that individuals with short hair are able to wear superbly. This design is perfect for both guys and girls, which are wearing a short cut hair style. The classic Mohawk style has a narrow strip of hair down the middle of the scalp. This was also known as the "scalp lock". If the hair is short, use a gel or wax to simply push your hair up in the center of the head. A temporary Mohawk is easily achieved. Just plaster the hair to the sides and push the hair at the center to the top. An authentic Mohawk look will need you to trim the sides and the back of your hair and create an elevated "peak" at the center. This style is a little difficult to achieve and maintain. For more interesting styles go to the website for more ideals.

  by Paul Empey

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