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What to Look for When Buying a Printer  

When buying a printer for your personal needs its best to buy one with an array of benefits, flexible usage, latest features and multiple functions plus durability. When all these factors are taken into consideration top priority can be given to a multifunction printer that can fulfill most of the qualities one looks for in a printer. In one device you can get to fax, scan and print your documents with many brands being there that offer a multifunction printer at an affordable price that will be well worth the money you spend on it.

But when it comes to home use you must thing carefully whether you require all those functions in one unit and buy a printer that has features that you require for your needs and not spend unnecessarily for things like faxing if you don’t need that particular function. In such circumstances the inkjet printer can be considered the best in line for home users since not only are they cheap but it’s easy to find replacement ink cartridges that are not very expensive either. The one negative aspect of the inkjet printer is that the cartridges have to be changed often and this might not be conducive when it comes to saving in the long term.

Even though the laser printer is more expensive, the cartridges used on it lasts much longer making it one of the most cost effective printers for a small business for or for single person utilization. With a laser printer you can get your work done very fast because it does a quick job of printing any document or images while the ink never runs on a document that has been printed on this printer.

Canon as we know is one of the most popular brands of printing equipment and is one of the most well known manufacturers of inkjet and laser printers. They also produce printing accessories and make it a point to bring out the latest innovations in printing to their customers in the way of ink cartridges, printing paper and spare parts. Canon printer ink however comes with a high price tag with most consumers not finding it very favorable for their day to day printing tasks.

As for buying toner refill kits; most people get fed up of spending a fortune in order to replace the toner in their printers. Most believe that the toner in their cartridges run out fast due to certain tricks used by manufacturers to stop the cartridges from providing ink for a long time so that the user will have to buy a new toner refill soon. This is amply evident when you see the message that comes on which states that the toner cartridge is empty when in fact it is not and you can use it for a much longer time.

Printing drums on various printers are somewhat different but in each case the user has to ensure that the drum is not soiled from leaking ink because then the document bring printed will have bands of ink across the page making the writing blurred and unreadable. Printing Drums are quite expensive as well and should be well maintained and taken care of if you want it to last for a long time.


by Morgan Eoin

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