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Optimizing Websites for Semantic Search

Optimizing Websites for Semantic Search

We are indeed living in the era of advanced web. But if you remember the early ages of world wide web in mid 90s we usually coined the term as Web 1.0 as the site was totally controlled, managed by webmasters, later it was evolved to Web 2.0 and indeed we are enjoying this on our social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. One of the outstanding gift of Web 2.0 is blogging which open free gateway for all people to interact and collaborate.

But beyond this we do use Web 3.0 or the semantic search on a daily basis. Although most of the net users are not aware of this term but semantic web has made its path for more innovations. To understand the same we can say that Web 3.0 brings the results from vertical search engines, hence if a user is searching for a particular keyword, the results are being extracted from lots of aggregating platforms. So the query is feteched from video site, news site, blog, forum, social media etc.

This is quite important as a user must be supplied with all sorts of information pertaining to his or her query. Now the question arises in the webmaster community and the business enterprenuers as how can the semantic web help both of them.

There is no direct method of optimizing or applying SEO for semantic display but still lot of things can be done to optimize the site to appear on semantic results display. Google which is a fully compliant Web 3.0 search engine and webmasters do utilize the same to uplift the website traffic through the same.

As normal SEO, the website can be molded to fetch content in several sites like its URL can be posted in forums, blogs and shared in social media as well as videos can be created and posted on video sites. As a result the site will appear in all facets of web, as a results you can drive peak and targeted traffic onto your website.

In order to make a site fully SEO compliant, you can go ahead in establishing the website identity on all platforms and sharing as much information as possible but please donot ever use spam techniques like illogical and massive bookmarking or posting fake comments just to get links.

Ultimately if the site is appearing on semantic search, it means a great deal of business to the website besides

  by Charles Babbage

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