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A Few Valuable Background Information On Hardened Ethernet Switches

If you want to know what hardened Ethernet switches are, you may need a bit of background information on the way they fit into the areas of computer networking and telecommunications.

As you may have heard, telecommunications is just a word that signifies all the ways that, throughout human history, we have created to transmit information over long distances. This won’t need to be specific to one medium; there are types of visual telecommunications, for instance smoke signals or TV images; and auditory telecommunications, such as bells or whistles, or telephone signals; and the like. A couple more of these ways are computer data transfer through fiber-optic communication, as well as the radio waves of WI-Fi technology.

If a computer network is formed between machines or components in a small area, say for example a single building or room, the network is often termed as a local area network (a LAN). There are many different types of area network. A wide-area network (WAN), as an example, is a network that features a broad enough area to cross, say, metropolitan boundaries, even when they can be larger. They are generally used by businesses so as to allow effective accomplishing daily business functions. A personal area network (PAN), in contrast, is just right to connect a few personal computer devices, such as connecting a laptop to a printer and to a projector. There are several principal ways in which data is transferred in all of these examples, the two most topic-related of them being Wi-Fi and Ethernet communication.

The first of the aforementioned ways that data tend to be transferred, specifically in small systems like a LAN, is Wi-Fi. This is a wireless connection to another device or network, made by using radio waves. High-speed internet connections are integrated in this scope of use. The second type, which may perhaps be the more relevant to this article, is Ethernet, which is typically a system of fiber-optic cabling and various other components that transfer information. In this similar system, switches are some form of hardware component that hook up other components in the system, such as network devices or segments. In simple and easy terminology, switches like hardened Ethernet switches get a message from one device, and then send it to the device it is suitable for (compared to a hub, which sends the message to all other devices connected to it.

If an Ethernet network switch is said to be hardened, it really means generally that the device is meant to withstand the elements – they can operate in extreme heat or cold, and are designed to seal out unnecessary substances (dirt, insects, etc.).

If your networking needs require some sort of tougher switch to the ones you have now, hardened Ethernet switches may be your best bet. Check out EtherWAN Systems, Inc for more information.


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